If I hear I need to “create a healthy lifestyle” one more time, I’ll scream

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“It’s a new day; Let’s get healthy and lose some weight.”

I wish that was my first thought in the morning. Instead, I weigh the idea of convincing my boyfriend to drive me a mile and a half to a blood donation I signed up for instead of walking. As I run through my morning routine of checking the news, Twitter, then my emails (in that order), I see that my nutritionist has sent me a weekly evaluation form with questions to answer.

Are you…

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I was an unwanted pregnancy. That isn’t unusual considering over 3 million unplanned pregnancies occur each year. What was unusual was the frequency at which my religious, unwed mother would over-explain how premarital sex is a sin and my conception was not a part of “God’s perfect will.”

I vividly remember her kneeling before me as she tried to explain her single mother status.

“Mommy, where’s my daddy? Do I have one,” I asked.

“Yes honey, you do, but he isn’t here because mommy made a terrible mistake and sinned. …

One of the side effects of the Nexplanon implant is “extensive bleeding.”

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Due to my extremely religious and restrictive upbringing, everything I learned about sex and reproductive health I learned online. I had the type of parents who wouldn’t let my pediatrician give me an HPV vaccination in my teens because they thought it was a“license” to have sex. Their motto was “if we don’t teach you about sex, you won’t have it.”

Fear of my parent’s reaction kept me from dating until after I left college. I had freshly graduated from a small arts college and moved to the big city of Los Angeles to chase my dreams. I found my…

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I was 10 years old when I created my first fake name. I was on the playground with my little sisters, and like any ten year old, the lure of the playground just wasn’t as shiny as it used to be. The slides were too short, the monkey bars sucked, and even though the swings were still pretty cool, I remembered the distinct feeling that I was getting too old for this nonsense. Still, my stay at home mother needed an activity to get all of her kids out of the house, so the playground was it.

The only cool…

Skye Brooks

A west coast transplant, Skye spends her time soaking up the California sun, traipsing through the valley in search of new adventures, and being a cat mom

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